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VitalSleep: Products & Services

The Snore Reliever Company has produced the Vital Sleep Snoring Mouthpiece.This product which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration is an effective answer to snoring problems.

Snoring is mostly caused by a partial block of the upper airway behind the tongue and the Vital Stop Snoring Mouthpiece stops this.It is an adjustable mouthguard made from flexible non-latex BPA-free material.

When it is inserted into the mouth it gently pushes the lower jaw forward and clears the obstructed air passage that causes snoring.It is designed to fit average to medium/large mouths and is specifically designed to reduce or stop snoring,not to treat any other sleep disorders.

VitalSleep: Company Background

The Snore Reliever Company is based in the Bronx,New York and on Wednesday July 9th 2009 they filed a US federal trademark registration for Vital Sleep, a therapeutic mouthpiece for the prevention of snoring. The trademark was officially registered on 12/14/2010.

Although it is now a trademarked product in its own right and has its own webpage Vital Sleep it is still owned by the Snore Reliever Company.

VitalSleep: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Feedback from the Snore Reliever Company website.

Vital Sleep is a quality product which will significantly decrease your snoring at night.It has been designed with comfort in mind and is easily adjustable.You will feel more refreshed in the morning after an uninterrupted night of sleep guaranteed.Richard Koffler MD.

Thank you very much.This sounds like a cliche and you have probably heard this from most of your customers but your product really works.This is going to be my third night using it and there is now peace in my marriage.Just so you know how bad my snoring was last week I was sleeping on a couch downstairs in our living room and the bedroom is basically above the couch in the 2nd floor.My wife was sleeping in oour bed in earplugs and came and worke me up at 4am complaining I was waking here up.I am now back sleeping in my bed.PK,Fairfield CT.

I bought it mainly because I bite my tongue while sleeping.I was in complete despair as I cannot afford a $600 guard from the dentist, my poor tongue was a mess and I could not sleep.I saw this had a guard for the upper and lower and hoped it might work and I snore pretty badly as well so I saw it as a double bonus.So far after three nights my wife has not really heard me snore at all and my tongue is bite-free and healing well.I will be a long-time customer.M.E.Omaha.

VitalSleep: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Neither the Snore Reliever Company or Vital Sleep are accredited by BBB and there is no record of either of them having a BBB rating.

The only Award this company has achieved is a clearance by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The lack of ratings and Awards is probably because Vital Sleep is uch a new company and that is what the Snore Reliever Company is concentrating on now.

VitalSleep: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa has given a global ranking of 1075610 and the regional rankings are

US 337220

India 266988

There are 354 sites linking in and the number of global internet users viewing this site in three months is 15%

The Google page rank for is 3 out of 10.

VitalSleep: Social Media Presence

Vital Sleep joined Facebook on 6/5/2011 and has 3,741 likes.It has posts and videos which are updated quite regularly and there are 9 people talking about their latest activity topic.

Vital Sleep is also on Twitter and has 3312 followers and 729 following.There are 94 tweets on the page and it is updated two or three times a month.

Vital Sleep also has a Sleep Disorder Blog with a variety of tips and advice on snoring.

VitalSleep: Website Security & Safety

The Snore Reliever Company LLC collects and uses the personal information provided on the website The company takes part in the TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program and has agreed to have its privacy practices monitored by TRUSTe.

The website is Norton secured which means all the secure pages have an https: prefix.

Carrying out the google diagnostic test neither Snore Reliever Company or Vital Sleep came up.

VitalSleep: Pricing & Packages

Vital Sleep Snoring Mouthpiece sells for $49.95 but for a limited period they are offering buy one,get one free.The products are in stock and will be shipped the same day.

The product lasts approximately 9-12 months with regular use and the price includes a one-year warranty against damage or an ill-fitting product.

VitalSleep: Shipping Rates & Policies

The Snore Reliever Company ships all orders for the Vital Sleep Snoring Mouthpiece received by 4pm EST the same day.They do not ship to Canada but they do ship to several International for a list of the specific countries they ship to.

Shipoping and handling starts at $6.90 for USPS 1st class mail and $8.90 for priority mail.Other methods,UPS costs start at $8 depending on location.

USOPS regular mail takes 2-5 business days,priority takes 2-3 business days and UPS ground mail takes 2-5 days.

VitalSleep: Payment Methods Accepted

All major credit cars including Visa,Mastercard,Discover,American Express are accepted.They will also accept PayPal and checks or money orders.

Customers wishing to pay by check or money order should email and they will be sent instructions how to pay their bill that way.

VitalSleep: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The Snore Reliever Company offers a 1-year warranty with each product,customers just pay fopr shipping.

They also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so customers can return the product within 30 days of the purchase date for a refund or replacement.Shipping fees paid by the customer are not refundable and they also have to pay the cost of return shipping,

The Snore Reliever Company: Product images & screenshots
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that's so cool , thanks for this helpful info

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